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St. Bernard Groups Offer Funds for Brownfield Assessments

CHALMETTE, LA. — The Regional Planning Commission, in partnership with St. Bernard Economic Development Foundation, was recently awarded a $500,000 Brownfield Assessment Grant from the EPA to support economic development in St. Bernard Parish. These funds can be used to pay for Phase I and Phase II environmental assessments, technical assistance to help facilitate the redevelopment of brownfield sites, and, if necessary, environmental cleanup plans. All work will be performed by qualified environmental professionals under contract with the RPC. Private owners and companies, nonprofit organizations, and public entities are all eligible applicants.

“St. Bernard has always had a rich industrial and cultural identity,” said SBEDF CEO Meaghan McCormack. “But as we look to the future, preserving our environment and redeveloping our brownfield sites into community assets is crucial to sustaining our bucolic parish....”


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