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Brownfield Assessments Begin at Former Kaiser Aluminum Site

Four people stand in open field in front of industrial site.
Will Davis, St. Bernard Economic Development; Jessica Rury and Mallory Pitalo, Leaaf Environmental; Adam Tatar, Regional Planning Commission at the former Kaiser Aluminum site. Source: RPC Brownfields Spring 2023 Newsletter

The RPC Brownfield Program announced that it began a Phase I assessment at the former Kaiser Aluminum Site in Chalmette, Louisiana, in St. Bernard Parish. It is the first assessment conducted under its 2022 EPA Brownfields Community-wide assessment grant, which was awarded at $500,000.

The Phase I assessment will identify potential environmental concerns on the property, gathered through interviews, historic records, and other property research. The Phase I report will be completed in about 4 weeks, and will recommend next steps so that the site can be reused for future redevelopment.

The RPC Brownfield program is working with several other property owners interested in environmental site assessments using its grant funding. The RPC plans to conduct 15 Phase I and four Phase II environmental site assessments, as well as other brownfields activities, under its current grant funding.

Each year, EPA awards funding for Brownfields assessment activities under its Brownfields Program. The current RPC Brownfield Program grant funding will be used for assessment activities from 2022 - 2025.

If you are a developer, property owner, of financial interest with a site located in the Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, St. Charles, St. John the Baptist, St. Tammany, or Tangipahoa Parishes, and would like a grant-funded Phase I or Phase II environmental assessment, or simply have questions about brownfield redevelopment, contact RPC Brownfield Coordinator Adam Tatar.

*Reposted in part from the RPC Brownfields Spring 2023 Newsletter


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