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Board of Directors

Adam Tatar

Louisiana Brownfields Association Board Member



Adam has served as Brownfield Program Manager for the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission since 2019 where he has applied for and won a $500,000 EPA Brownfield Assessment Grant to support the redevelopment of key sites in St. Bernard Parish.  He has also managed a $600,000 coalition assessment grant which funded numerous Phase I and II environmental assessments, and contributed to two major redevelopment projects in the City of New Orleans. A graduate of the University of New Oleans with a Master of Science in Urban & Regional Planning in 2014, Mr. Tatar has most recently organized numerous public outreach and educational events including Brownfield Fest in St. Bernard Parish and continues to provide technical and administrative support to two additional brownfield programs within RPC’s jurisdiction.  Prior to joining RPC, he served as Regional Transportation Planner (2016-2019) for the Capital Region Planning Commission in Baton Rouge where he provided analysis and support for the planning of fixed-route transit in the Baton Rouge Metro Area; facilitated coordination efforts among specialty transportation services for elderly and disabled residents across the region; and supported transportation recovery planning efforts following the flooding events of 2016.  

As the Brownfield Coordinator for the Greater New Orleans Region, it is his goal to help the communities he serves realize their economic development and quality of life goals by leveraging the EPA Brownfield Program.

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