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How can we help you with your Brownfields project?


The Louisiana Brownfields Association, through community outreach and education, promotes a wide array of Brownfields-related goals, objectives and initiatives, including environmental restoration, economic development and revitalization, natural resources preservation, enhancement of financial and regulatory incentives, and protection of human health.


The LBA supports brownfields stakeholders by providing access to a network of Louisiana brownfields professionals. We can help you connect with experienced individuals and agency representatives who can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the Brownfields process. We alert our member to grant and proposal opportunities, and we provide the support letters required in grant applications.


The Louisiana Brownfields Association strives to accomplish this mission through a diverse membership that includes a wide variety of stakeholders, including property owners; developers; local, State, and Federal agency representatives; urban and regional planners; regulatory experts; community leaders; legal experts; financial and insurance industry representatives; environmental professionals, and other parties that may be interested in promoting Brownfield-related goals. We cannot operate without the support of our members!

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