Board of Directors

The Board consists of an odd number of Directors, with a total of no more than eleven (11) and not fewer than nine (9) members, who serve without compensation, and include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and others as necessary to include representation of each of the eight (8) Louisiana Planning Districts. All members of the Board shall be entitled to vote on matters under consideration by the board except as detailed in Section 3 of the LBA by-laws.

The LBA Executive Director assists the Board by facilitating meeting, conducting research, and representing the LBA.  The Executive Director position is currently vacant.

The initial Board of Directors consisted of the incorporators identified in the Articles of Incorporation filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State on June 19, 2006 and their appointments as necessary to satisfy the requirements of Section 2 of the LBA by-laws.

Current Board of Directors

Claire Renault | Planning District 1

Sherry Callaway | Planning District 1
Kerry Meaux | Planning District 1

Jessica Keasler| Planning District 2

Melanie Hanks| Planning District 2

[vacant] | Planning District 3
Chad Lacombe | Planning District 4
[vacant] | Planning District 5
[vacant] | Planning District 6
Pat Murphy | Planning District 7
[vacant]| Planning District 8


Initial Board of Directors

Nathan Champagne, Planning District 1 

Yarrow Etheredge, Planning District 1

Paul Lo, Planning District 1

Rebecca Otte, Planning District 1

Denise Rousseau-Ford, Planning District 2
Tyson Hackenberg, Planning District 2
Leslie Williams Jones, Planning District 3
Grayling Hadnott, Planning District 4
Ron Fossett, Planning District 5
Tomeka Prioleau, Planning District 6
Robert McMullen, Planning District 7
Faith Stephens, Planning District 8