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EPA Brownfields Conference Coming August 8-11

The EPA National Brownfields Training Conference is coming on August 8 to 11, 2023 in Detroit, MI. This will be the 20th National Brownfields Conference.

The conference will include 180 panels, town halls, roundtables, and topic talks where attendees can learn directly from experts in the field and interact with federal, state, and local decision-makers. In these sessions, speakers will discuss new practices, share success stories, and mulate new ideas.

Previous conferences have attracted as many as 2,000 attendees interested in community revitalization.

Individuals who may be interested:
  • Local, state, tribal, and federal government leaders

  • Federal and state contractors

  • Real estate developers and investors

  • Financial and insurance providers and risk management practitioners

  • Economic development officials and community development organizations

  • Construction and building firms

  • Environmental and civil engineers, planners and public works officials

  • Information technology professionals

  • Academic institutions & students

  • Attorneys

To register or find more information on the conference, visit the EPA 2023 Brownfields Conference website.


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