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City of Bastrop Brownfield Assessment Grant


Project Overview 

From 2017-2020, the City of Bastrop was awarded a $300,000 Community-Wide Assessment Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
The purpose of the program was to help redevelop abandoned, idle, or under-utilized properties where expansion or redevelopment was hindered by actual or perceived environmental conditions. 

The grant resulted in a total of 15 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), six Phase II ESAs.


  • Southside Elementary School (Former) 

  • Eastside Elementary School (Former) 

  • Technology Conference Center 

  • Former Bastrop Mill (Toda One) 

  • Toda One East 

  • Toda One South 

  • Former Sargent Trucking Company 

  • Ralph George Park Southern Addition 

  • Willie Nelson Property 

  • Sylvester-Jackson Property 

  • Rayford Property 

  • Dotson Property 

  • Armstrong Property 

  • Former Aaron’s Grocery #2 

  • Marcus Street Property


  • Generic QAPP 

  • Southside Elementary School (Former) 

  • Former Sargent Trucking Company 

  • Sylvester‐Jackson Property 

  • Rayford Property 

  • Former Aaron’s Grocery #2 

  • Marcus Street Property

As a result of the ESAs, Bastrop was able to identify a clear path forward in its future planning and site redevelopment efforts. The efforts also attracted the interest of investors and property developers, who have begun projects to reuse the sites. Redevelopment plans underway as a result of the project include a homeless shelter partnership between the City and the Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana, affordable housing in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, a senior retirement center, and additional greenspace to enhance Ralph George Park.

Project Highlights

LIGHTHOUSE HOMELESS SHELTER (Former Southside Elementary School) 


A Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for asbestos‐containing material (ACM) and lead‐based paint (LBP) was completed on May 14, 2019 to help determine cleanup obligations and costs prior to the redevelopment of the property.   


Testing determined that if disturbances including sanding, blasting, chipping, or disturbing the ACM and/or the LBP in an enclosed area would require additional monitoring and regulation.  The Episcopal Diocese of Western Louisiana along with the City of Bastrop utilized the ACM and LBP survey information to determine that a portion of the existing property could be utilized as a homeless center.   


The Lighthouse, the City’s first homeless shelter, provides three meals per day and also assists those with addiction issues and connects them with social workers and Medicaid assistance.  


Plans are underway to open a 40 bed overnight space with showers.     




A Phase I ESA was conducted on the Former Bastrop Mill property and revealed several recognized environmental conditions (RECs) on the property.  The property was purchased by Bastrop Senior Living Center LP and the new owner is in the process of developing the property into a senior retirement center. 

Lighthouse Group
Lighthouse inside
Lighthouse TV room
The Lighthouse outside view
Lighthouse Outside with People
Former IP Site
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