It's a WRAP - Leveraging Brownfields Resources for Recreational and Cultural Tourism Workshop

StartFragmentOn May 15-16, over 80 people joined members of the Louisiana Brownfield Association (LBA), Acadiana Planning and TAB at a hidden gem in Arnaudville. The purpose was to collaborate and develop understanding how Federal funding, specifically Brownfield grants, can be leveraged to increase cultural recreation opportunities in Louisiana.

The location, NUNU Arts and Culture Collective (1510 Bayou Courtableau Highway) is a historic building, part museum and part welcome center and gift shop; truly showcased to rich historic culture of the area. Various works of visual art on display (available for purchase), collections of books including stories rich in history, and edible art (the food served was delicious).

Representatives from multiple Federal, state, and private groups presented on their successes and shared the programs they offered. The discussion revolved around the importance of recreation and out-of-area travel makes to a community.

Some feature concepts that seem to be getting a lot of attention were discussed and include livability and co-housing. Each concept addressing a need/want for the differing age spectrum of our communities. Livability in a place, is mostly being driven by the millennial/young professional group; wanting an abundance of recreational venues and an better way to get there in their communities. While, the retiring population is needing more walkable areas and potentially new housing that is not quite so large and cumbersome to maintain. Projects that will have clear benefits in these areas are able to find additional funding source and supporters.

While the crowd was smaller on the second day, the discussion was just as robust. The opportunity to share potential projects was given to many, while the group offered suggestions, ideas, and answered questions. The brainstorming session allowed for valuable dialogue on the feasibility of future projects.

Details about the speakers and their presentations are available through the TAB website at

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